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Saturday, March 19, 2005

A heavy heart...

I couldn't even bring myself to post heart was so heavy with sadness...first with Judge Greer thumbing his nose at our congress (for which I hope he is called for!!) and removing Terry's feeding tube, and secondly to hear about poor Jessica's confirmed death by a sex offender. What a sad, sad world we live in. I remembered reading something in a book by Karen Santorum called "Letters to Gabriel"....a journal kept throughout her pregnancy and birth to a child who would die just hours later....and although I was going to just use the quote that she referred to, I decided to quote a paragraph that she herself wrote about society who doesn't care about its weakest members....if you substitute the image of Terry or the word "person" whenever Gabriel is mentioned, it could have been written about today....

"But I have come to believe that we lose so much when we start to be selective with our acceptance and our love, both as individuals and as a society. Children are always a burden in one way or another. What happens when we start to believe that we can choose whether or not to accept the particular burdens a child brings into our lives? What happens when testing can detect if a child will develop diabetes.....or another debilitating or life-threatening disease? It worries me greatly to think that certain children could be routinely classified as too burdensome to live. Never for a moment did we think of you as a burden, Gabriel. You were our child. This has been your gift to us--you have made us understand even more deeply how important it is to accept and cherish all life, because we can lose it so swiftly. And life is always a isnever ours to control, manipulate, or extinguish. I can't help but think of the words of Karl Barth, the Swiss theologian who wrote so beautifully about the need to respect all life, and what our attitudes toward vulnerable life say about us:" (Karen Santorum then goes on to quote Karl Barth with a paragraph that has stayed with me throughout my life...)

"No community whether family, village or state is really strong if it will not carry its very weakest members. They belong to it no less than the strong, and the quiet work of their maintenance and care, which might seem useless on a superficial view, is perhaps more effective than common labor, culture or historical conflict in knitting it closely and securely together. On the other hand, a community which regards and treats its weak members as a hindrance, and even proceeds to their extermination, is on the verge of collapse. (Karl Barth)"

I can only pray....I pray for Terry to have the strength to survive, I pray for her parents, the congress, and all others who are fighting so hard to keep her alive, and I pray--because they need it most--for Michael and those on the other side....I pray for the parents of little Jessica, that they be filled with peace as they say goodbye to their precious little girl....and I pray for this nation, which on days like this feels more like the Roman Empire shortly before it's fall than the great and freedom loving United States. Dear God, have mercy on us all.


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