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Friday, March 25, 2005

It's hard being six sometimes...

Today was a sorely trying day at six year old had a hard time being the "left out" kid for parts of the last 24 hours. My oldest had a good friend who hasn't been around much lately sleep over last night, and I tried so hard to balance her need for some alone time with the younger's need to feel a part of things (she, too, missed this friend). She did pretty well with these little time periods worked into the schedule....that is, until after lunch. I had given her a choice of time with them either before or after lunch, and of course she chose before lunch--six year olds are not known for the ability to wait. For ANYthing. After lunch--upon realizing that her prior choice was now going to ban her from the room--she wailed, "Mommy, it's YOUR shouldn't have given me a choice!" While the older girls sat in their bedroom enjoying the last of their quiet time together, my youngest parked herself outside their door to voice her disapproval of this "dumb rule". No use trying to explain to a 6 year old that yes, sometimes life really IS unfair. No use trying to explain that girls who are five years older really DO need some time use trying to invite her to have some "special mommy time" to play a game or read a use doing much of anything except pray for a short lived tempest. Eventually she came down to curl up on my lap and have a good cry, only to start up again as she thought more about it. When I explained that I really DID understand (I had an older sister, too), she replied that "no, you don' and Auntie Cheryl are don't understand"......aaaahhhhh, it's time to pray. Just hold her and pray. When will I learn that I can't reason, cajole, bargain with, distract, or change the mind of my strong willed little girl. If she sees the injustice of the rules of HER universe, then all I can do is love her and pray.

I'm beginning to understand why the boyhood of Jesus was not recorded in the Bible....I know he was fully divine, but maybe NOT describing his fully HUMAN nature as a six year old was truly proof of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!


Blogger Epiphany said...

Oh my just described my afternoon. It's like we are on the same wavelength! My 3 (soon to be 4)year old was invited to her grandma's house to make cookies this afternoon. When my 20mth old, realized that no shoes were being put on her feet, she started to scream, "I go Amma..pease, pease, pease!" After I had told her no, 30 some odd times, she threw herself down on the floor and covered her ears with her hands and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Amma! I go, I go!" Yup..great day. :)

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