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Friday, March 11, 2005

Motherhood as a vocation

Feeling better as I got a pretty good night's sleep...and on the orders of my physical therapist, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight....yaaayyy! (Of course, that might be short lived if the room still decides to spin....) I was catching up on a few favorite blogs and came across a comment that I just loved....posted by Pansy at Two Sleepy Mommies in response to comments by Greg Popcak:

...motherhood is a work of service. It is the result of love and it is God's work. This is not to deny how hard it is, but the flip side is it brings much joy as well. There are very few things in this world if at all that are worth anything that do not have pain attached. Look at Jesus on the Cross. Labor and birth. Night and day. Again, this is not a solution always, but perspective helps. When you have a better sense of purpose about motherhood being a part of the bigger picture, rather than just simply something you decided to try out, these issues may seem like more of a struggle that you need to work through rather than a hopeless pit of bad choices and despair.

As someone who lived my early adults VOWING not be like my mom, I must say that it was God's grace and finally seeing motherhood as a VOCATION that brought me full circle. For someone to say that I'm like my mom is now such a mom was a unique SAHM in that she raised her kids AND kept her house clean!! (Granted, we were at school all day, so as a homeschool SAHM I use that as my feeble excuse!). My oldest daughter was in daycare when I worked at the parish office years back, and while she seems to have survived the ordeal, I know that my choice to finally come home full time was a choice that involved sacrifices of things I liked--let's face it, it's fun to go out into the world and earn money and talk to adults all day--to yielding my will to God's. There were days when watching Barney for the ump-teenth time or reading "Goodnight Moon" 93 times in a row were the highlights of the day...and I won't go into the dishes, laundry, and lack of sleep. Now that the girls are older and homeschooling, there are still days of constant struggle....fighting over the computer, telling me the "two movies a day" rule is not one they like, or just non-compliance with getting up and getting the day started...there are those days when I can only pray, "God, give me grace..." I've heard moms saying that they LOVE the moment that the school bus drives away, because they have the whole day to themselves....and I think, "gee...that would be nice...." But it's short lived. Homeschooling is the hardest choice I ever made, but the struggles and pain of mothering is the cross that I carry, and I carry it with love--just as Jesus did His cross. There are many that don't value motherhood as a vocation...and homeschool moms even less so...but I know that at the end of the day I can tell God that I did my best to further His kingdom.....and His opinion is the one I care about the most. Thanks, Pansy, for giving my brain a chance to think on adult it's time to go back to the world of animal habitats and dividing fractions....

MUCH LATER... As my dear ape husband has not yet shown me how to link, I saved this morning's post as a draft, so they'll come together in this one. I just returned from an evening of recollection at a local retreat house. I went as an observer--an assignment for school to observe a ministry that interests us--but came away with so I always do on any type of retreat (hence, the interest!). One gem I found that totally relates to this morning's post was a book in the retreat bookshop called MOTHERING:BECOMING THE HEART OF THE HOME by Rosalie McPhee. The inside cover has a quote from our Holy Father that says: "Motherhood is a woman's vocation. It is an eternal vocation, and it is also a contemporary vocation...We must do everything in order that children, the family and society may see her in that dignity that Christ saw."....Amen. More on my retreat reflections tomorrow.


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