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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Preparing for H.O.L.Y. WEEK

I finally have a few minutes to share about my evening retreat last week...the idea being to help prepare us to have a Holy Week that is Holistic, Open to
God's will, Liberating from whatever sins imprison us, and one that Yearns to embrace the crucified Christ fully so that we may rejoice more abundantly on Easter morning. The challenge given to each of us was to spend an hour in prayer on Holy Thursday, Holy Friday, and Holy Saturday meditating on the
Holy Thursday -- on the words of the prayer of Consecration....
"...this is my body...this is my blood..."

Holy Friday -- any of the phrases Christ spoke while hanging on the cross...
"...Father, forgive them...they know not what they do..."
"...Why have you forsaken me?"
"...Into Thy hands I commit my spirit"
"....It is finished."

Holy Saturday -- Suggested to either meditate on "The Exalted"
(Oh, happy fault!) or on the emptiness of the bare church
and how the early disciples must have felt

While he was speaking I was already coming up with excuses as to why an hour was impossible....and yet he said, "there is NO excuse not to be able to do this"....with humility I had to admit that he is right. And so I will make this commitment on these three holiest of days to meditate on the passion in a
more focussed and intimate way, so as to have the Glorias of Easter morning
ring more joyfully.....I invite anyone out there to join me!


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