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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bless you, Pope Benedict XVI

Thank you, Lord, for your guiding Spirit, that has spoken quickly and decisively in the hearts of those you enkindled. I am so grateful that our new shepherd appears to be one that recognizes the traditional truths of our faith, and will uphold the orthodox teachings which Jesus entrusted to Peter.

I have great and renewed faith in Papal Infallibility today!! The Holy Spirit will not let our Church be led into relativism.

I am also SO grateful that as a homeschool mom my daughters could sit and watch the white smoke, hear the bells, see the doors open, and strain to hear the name.....and in a special way further give thanks for my youngest, who was moved to tears. I have felt in my heart that she is the nun of the family...once she learns to align her will to God's....but today was one further indication that the Spirit moves in a special way in her heart.

I wish I knew Latin!! It's one of those times you want to stand on the rooftops and proclaim Latin to the world!!


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