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Friday, April 08, 2005

Remembering our Holy Father

I got up along with countless others in the blogosphere to watch the funeral of our beloved Pope John Paul II this morning, and was touched by so many things. The latin music was so beautiful, and there was such peace in the ORDER of the Mass. I remember during my conversion that I was initially "bored" by the "same-ness" of the weekly Mass....I was used to a Protestant service that changed things around so that people would stay interested. Today I gave thanks for the rich traditions of the liturgy, and despite the Latin knew just what was being said. Aside from the CBS commentary--which drove us mad--the service was beautiful. (I'm glad my mom was at least going to tape it for me on Fox News!) I also was struck by the simplicity of the casket, and my loving Ape husband & I often talk about how we want that same simplicity....his thought this morning was that "as long as it holds up until I reach the bottom of the grave, it's just fine". How many people today spend thousands on these fancy caskets because it's the "proper" way to present the body?

Getting back to the funeral Mass....the other part of the funeral that I am still remembering is the Litany of the Saints. As I studied the Catholic Faith more and more before converting, it was the lives of the saints that really guided me.
Just ordinary people responding to the extraordinary graces available to all of us....the fact that we are ALL called to be saints is something I cherish. It also gave me great hope while reading Augustine that maybe, I, too, could be saved...I often tell the confirmation kids about the "party animal" saint, as I lovingly call him.

Today we said our final goodbyes to a man who I believe was a living saint. His "yes" to God was evident in all he did, and I reminded my Ape husband that it was his leadership and the unfolding of the Second Vatican Council that brought me--and no doubt countless others--to the which he said "Thank you, John Paul". I couldn't agree more; of all the many blessings that God has given me, the Catholic faith is by far the greatest of all of them.

This morning I grieve, but with hope in my heart that someday I, too, will be presented to God by all saints who have gone before. Today I am grateful to the depths of my soul that I am a Roman Catholic.


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