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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Counting days....

I apologize for my absence of late...with the homeschool year coming quickly to an end, I seem to be busier than usual. I envy all of you who are managing to post on a regular basis and do portfolios, too!

Although my daughter has actually hit her required 180 days as of yesterday, we are going two more weeks to end at the close of this month...with the last week being "fluff" days, as we call them (at first I felt a bit guilty scheduling only fun and field trips that week, until I remember just how much she used to do in SCHOOL during the last few weeks of classes!)....

My six year old storm queen will come close to the 180 days (not required here in PA until age 8), and hopefully over the summer will lose some of this new-found openly defiant attitude toward the big, bad mommy...gray hairs are popping at an alarming rate just this week alone!! Today I can count not one, not two, but three of these "big" blowups (the little ones I gave up trying to keep track of!!), and I look at her and wonder what alien being has just taken over her body. Within an hour or so she has usually apologized and had her cry session for being such a "bad daughter".....and then I pray that a new storm won't erupt when the consequences are brought forth. I don't remember my oldest being this stormy. Storm queen, Blonde Fury....take your pick--I love my little strong willed daughter SO MUCH, and I guess God gave her to me knowing that it would ensure that I stay on my knees!!


Blogger Epiphany said...

you just described my 22mth old perfectly...I shall now have to call her Storm Queen part Deux! 8)

12:06 AM  
Blogger Magou said...

Oh my...keep plugging along - your love and consistency will teach by example no matter what the storm...and by the way there are already end of year fluff days happenning in the land of public schools! :-)

7:12 AM  

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