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I'm a Catholic homeschool mom with two daughters, one husband, and four cats. In addition to being the "teacher" at home, I teach weekly at our area learning center, as well as work at our local YMCA a few times a week. Occasionally I take to the stage and have some fun on my own!

Monday, May 02, 2005

End of Year "Martha" magnitude!

I've been too busy to even READ many blogs this week, let alone post! (And I STILL feel like I've been on the computer too much!!) At work, we've had one of three first communion Masses, and the other two are this weekend...I've been printing out certificates and helping with odds and ends; I served as Eucharistic Minister both during the communion liturgy and the following day, and I got the "Holy Spirit goosebumps" watching these little ones receive our Lord for the first time! It saddens me sometimes to see so many coming up to receive like they were standing in line for a free cookie....and I pray for each of them to FEEL Him enter their bodies and nourish them like nothing else can. It also seems that every time I serve, I am at some point just overjoyed and enveloped into the realization that I am holding Jesus, and that each and every person is part of that body of Christ...such a mystery, and yet so simple a truth.

I'm also busy finishing up the homeschool year, which is no easy task as my two are not unlike any other child in regular school at this time of year. "Mooooooom....I'm TIRED of learning!" I heard from my six year old last week. And then the next day--a scheduled "day off" for Mom to work on portfolios--she was asking for some math to do. Go figure! (I'm STILL trying to figure out why anyone would ask for MATH of all things!!!). I just finished ordering items for next year, and I know that once they arrive I'll want to sit right down and get every lesson plan done out right away (yeah, RIGHT!!). Okay, so maybe it's more accurate to say I'll want to sit down and "play" with the new toys while neglecting some of the necessary items that still need doing. Portfolios are probably 60% percent done by now, but it's amazing to me how quickly those piles of paper add up! I also have alot of photos to put together, and whereas I tend to do those scrapbook style, they take longer.

I'm also entering into the final two weeks of the homeschool coop teaching, so I have report cards and final papers to grade, and a final class to prepare for. And finally, this weekend I play in a concert for a small community chorus that I accompany, so I guess I should TRY to sit at the old ivories a few times between now and of the pieces is a Gershwin medley including a piano solo of parts of "Rhapsody in Blue", so I have some incentive to practice!

When I'm done with all that, I can get to the laundry piles, the summer clothes that beckon from the closet to be sorted through and washed (after doing the same for all the late winter/spring clothes in the bureaus!!), windows to wash, a kitchen floor that's getting stickier by the day, a new oven that was just splattered with it's first roast chicken that now needs cleaning, old homeschool books to price for an upcoming book sale, shopping, vaccuming, and who knows what else? But Lord, I really DO want to just sit at your feet!!! Help me to have at least Mary's heart while the rest of me is running around like Martha at full speed ahead!


Blogger Magou said...

Hi Honey - I love to read about your fun and frantic life - and you are still my spiritual sponsor although I think I'll remain a protestant (protesting?) I have gained a new appreciation for the Catholic faith and so far don't think I disagree with any of it - thank you for enriching my life!!!

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