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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You've been book tagged!!

A new reader of my blog has "book tagged" me, which means I get to answer the following questions, and then send them on to five others to do the same...her blog is one that touches the be sure to visit
Loni at Journaling Through the Valley....and it's nice to have yet another homeschool mom to get to know! Okay, my questions:


1. The most books you've ever owned.
Well, that would be one who met my husband as a penpal through an organization called "Single Bookloves", we were sort of "condemned" to a life of clutter and dusty bookshelves anywhere we can fit one...add two kids who like to read and the decision to homeschool a few years back...well, you get the idea! Before we moved out to PA over 13 years ago I had the idea to actual "catalog" all my husband's books as an anniversary gift...I got them all written down and at that time there were over 2300...13 years later, I guess we could probably open a little branch of the local library here! (Maybe pushing close to 3000???? We have 15 bookshelves!)

2. The last book I bought . . .
"ON STAGE" and "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION" by Lisa Bany-Winters. They are two children's drama activity books that I'll be using next year to teach a drama/music theater class at our homeschool coop.

3. The five books that mean the most to me are. . .
BIBLE, the dictionary, the biography of ST. ELIZABETH BAILEY SETON, LETTERS TO GABRIEL by Karen Santorum, and the BABY BLUES cartoon books (they keep me sane and are a lovely reflection of the insanity that takes place daily in our home!). Ask me again tomorrow, and aside from the first selection, you might get a totally different list! :O)

Before I name my "tag-ees", please know that I've been lax in reading my blogs in the last husband said that this one's been going around, so if I'm tagging someone who's already been tagged elsewhere, disregard it, okay?


...and because he's such a wonderful husband who allowed me an "easy" one...


Blogger Epiphany said...

Yikes...that's alot of books...just kidding...I have no room to talk! I already did this one a few weeks ago, but I'll give you the link, so you can read what I wrote... I loved your list BTW and am glad to see I am not the only one with more books than I know what to do with. hehehe.

10:11 PM  
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