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I'm a Catholic homeschool mom with two daughters, one husband, and four cats. In addition to being the "teacher" at home, I teach weekly at our area learning center, as well as work at our local YMCA a few times a week. Occasionally I take to the stage and have some fun on my own!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Ways to tell that your child is feeling better....

1. The first thing she does in the morning is to throw her hairbrush across the room
at her sister because she's "not waking up fast enough".

2. After several days of not eating at all, she is now consumed an apple ("peeled,
cored, and sliced like a daisy on a blue china plate"), 2 pieces of string
cheese, one waffle with butter, and a bowl of chips....she is still hungry, and
it is only 10:30 in the morning (I wish I could eat like that!)

3. When I say "no" to any request (which in her mind is more of a command as she
is "princess-high-and-mighty-boss-of-the-world") she will carry on and tantrum
for at least ten minutes and announce that I am a "MEAN" mommy and that she
wishes she had a different family.

4. Later in the day, this is our conversation in the car...
Mom: (while listening to "God bless the broken road" by Rascal Flatts)...I like
this's a really good song.

Storm Queen: No, it's's a MEAN song.

Mom: A mean song?

SQ: comes into my head without even knocking and then it just
STAYS there all day and doesn't leave!!

Mom: could sing it to me...I LIKE the song...

SQ: Moooommm! I don't even know the WORDS!! It just comes in and doesn't even bring the I have to HUM all day! It drives me crazy!! which mom continues driving, while thinking, "wanna know what drives
ME crazy?" Seriously, though, despite the storm queen's name, I'll
take her in her strong willed "fight you on anything" mode than have her
as sick as she was. So thank you God...NOW can you teach her the WORDS
to the song?!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Mommy Monster Lives

Just ask my little storm queen....she'll tell you. This morning I finally followed my "mom's intuition" and called the doctor. After describing the symptoms, they told me to bring her right in....okay, maybe she IS sick! Called my poor ape husband who had JUST gotten to work after driving the authoress to drama camp, and told him he had to come home. A visit to the doctor confirmed allergies and a sinus infection, and $85 dollars later we are back home with medicine that we now have to get INTO the storm queen. Now, I've talked about my little strong willed daughter...who luckily has only needed an antibiotic one other time in her life. Lucky for ME, that is. Trying to get this kid to take medicine is like a lovely alternative to a root canal....maybe. After two hours of trying to be "nice" about it, I gave up in frustration and made her some dinner, and then the "mommy monster" had to come to life. I still only got a half a dose in her, but at least she took it....calling me all kinds of mean names (for a 6 year old), making me feel like the world's biggest failure of a mom because my children don't willingly open their mouths and take their medicine like Lucy did the "Vitaminiveggie...whatever it was!" and then say " GOOD, mommy!" No, I got the gag and almost throw up followed by a grab for more ice chips to take away the next "sip" of agony. Oh joy, only 19 doses to go! After it's over, the real mommy comes back and she gets all apologetic and says "I'm such a coward" which I bite my lip from saying "yes, dear, you are" and just tell her I love her. Did I mention I still have 19 doses to go????? Please pray for me. There must be a saint who died a matyr by having poison forced down his throat....that would be a good one to pray to....or maybe just St. Jude...

Am I overly neurotic?

Do other mothers out there get overly neurotic when their children are sick? Is it just the lack of sleep that makes our brain cells start to fantasize these horrible thoughts, or is my inner "mother's intuition" trying to tell me something that I'm missing? The storm queen has been sick again, and last night the wonderful ape husband made me go up for a "nap" at 8PM since I'd gotten about 3 hours of sleep in the previous two nights combined....I told him I was sure I wouldn't sleep long, but came down at 3:30 feeling pretty refreshed, actually. He's gone up for a few hours of real sleep. (He actually sleeps some when he's on "vigil" duty...but then, he's not neurotic!)

The second night of no sleep I was up all night--first reading through the baby health books on every sickness that had her sympptoms, and then later on the computer doing research on all the rare diseases that she must have...seriously, am I the only one that gets this nutty? I know I tend to have a tendency to worry (just a wee bit!) about most things, but this one lately has been bugging me more than usual. I guess any of you moms with lots of kids would have a better idea of whether I'm nuts.

I remember my oldest was sick alot between the ages of 1-2 because she was in daycare. In fact, she was on antibiotics more than she was off for that year...her weakness was ear infections. My storm queen, on the other hand, has been home with mom all her life, and so I figured her immunity system would get bombarded more around ages 4-5 when she started getting out more. For quite awhile now she has had these periodic episodes, and I don't know if it's just her "weakness" area, or if there is a pattern that I should start taking seriously. Every 2-3 months, she is sick for a couple of days....almost always nausea/vomiting and sometimes a touch of sore throat. There is always a low grade fever, and occassionally a higher one. I wondered if allergies was the culprit, or if she's just picking up germs here and there in the course of life that she's not had to fight yet.

This current episode started on July 4th...although her spirits were good early in the day, I noticed she didn't eat. By dinner time she was holding a bucket, and the next day/evening was worse. She's now gone over 24 hours without vomiting, but still feels some nausea. She definitely has a low grade fever, and is REALLY weak and tired.....slept almost all day yesterday. Yesterday she managed to keep down a half a sandwich, and she's been eating TONS of ice chips so I don't have to worry about dehydration. It seems to just be a stomach bug....but then, is it normal for a kid to get this every 2-3 months? (I was actually able to go back in my blog and see that she was sick the end of April...blogs are great for that!)

This morning I feel better after a full night's sleep...I guess if she is still down and out today I will think about a doctor's appt. tomorrow (They have no hours on Thu)....but then, what do you say? "I think my daughter has a rare disease and I want you to find it and fix it?" I'm not sure I want to pay my co-pay just to get that "you're crazy, lady" look from the doctor. At any rate, she is sleeping once husband tells me that her body is just doing it's normal thing to heal, but he's not neurotic like me.

He will most likely have to do taxi duty with my authoress, who is attending a three week drama camp...she is having a blast, and yesterday came home and went up to practice for another hour or two. They are putting on the show "Cinderella", and by the end of the week she will know who is doing what part, so of course she is practicing like crazy to get SOMEthing (she doesn't want a BIG part...just a little one!)

I've been trying to do a little work from home, but not having lots of luck. Hopefully today I'll have a few more brain neurons firing than the past two days, and won't need to "just sit" and read/talk/sing/hum/watch videos all day.

Time to get a refill on the coffee, and then go wake up the ape husband....days like this, I'm not sure if I should be praying to St. Anne for a mom's sanity, or St. Dymphna for a mom's neurosis!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I plan....God chuckles

Well, the first week of school is half over, and already we're behind! :O) We started out great on the 4th; had planned a simple day and it covered music/gym/civics, as we marched in our town's parade of the first ever "Kazoo band", to which the town has applied to Guiness Book of world records...the day also included a nice program in our town circle with the band, chorus, and a marine from Iraq speaking. It was so nice to hear the POSITIVE things that are happening over there firsthand...if the media would cover THAT stuff more often, what a difference it would make in the country "public opinion polls".

Dinner time, day little storm queen comes down with a stomach bug...I send the ape husband and my oldest (who I have nicknamed the "Authoress") to the fireworks, and I stay home to do bucket brigade. Two days later, and hopefully things are quieting down JUST a bit. My oldest started a three week drama day camp yesterday, and seems to love it. Aside from practically NO sleep, and the storm queen has done NO work yet, the school year is off to a great start! My authoress has done the few extras required so far, and seems to be glad to be back to a "structured" day. I'm hoping that the storm queen might feel up to doing a little bit later on today, but we'll most likely just start her off next week.

Add to all this, my ape husband's car has pretty much died, so I'll be doing lots of driving in the next few weeks (during drama camp I think I figured 80 miles a day in the end!)...when the fall comes, we'll plan on 2-3 days of driving him in to work, and then staying home the other 2-3 days. I'm actually looking forward to HAVING to stay home...I think we tend to overschedule outselves sometimes!

Oh well, my little storm queen has now gone 9 hours without a bucket, and has slept most of that time to catch up...mommy will drink too much caffeine today and kiss those two nights of sleep goodbye (I long ago learned that moms NEVER catch up on that lost sleep!). Just as well the school year will start late...I'm not sure the teacher is all that with it today!