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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Mommy Monster Lives

Just ask my little storm queen....she'll tell you. This morning I finally followed my "mom's intuition" and called the doctor. After describing the symptoms, they told me to bring her right in....okay, maybe she IS sick! Called my poor ape husband who had JUST gotten to work after driving the authoress to drama camp, and told him he had to come home. A visit to the doctor confirmed allergies and a sinus infection, and $85 dollars later we are back home with medicine that we now have to get INTO the storm queen. Now, I've talked about my little strong willed daughter...who luckily has only needed an antibiotic one other time in her life. Lucky for ME, that is. Trying to get this kid to take medicine is like a lovely alternative to a root canal....maybe. After two hours of trying to be "nice" about it, I gave up in frustration and made her some dinner, and then the "mommy monster" had to come to life. I still only got a half a dose in her, but at least she took it....calling me all kinds of mean names (for a 6 year old), making me feel like the world's biggest failure of a mom because my children don't willingly open their mouths and take their medicine like Lucy did the "Vitaminiveggie...whatever it was!" and then say " GOOD, mommy!" No, I got the gag and almost throw up followed by a grab for more ice chips to take away the next "sip" of agony. Oh joy, only 19 doses to go! After it's over, the real mommy comes back and she gets all apologetic and says "I'm such a coward" which I bite my lip from saying "yes, dear, you are" and just tell her I love her. Did I mention I still have 19 doses to go????? Please pray for me. There must be a saint who died a matyr by having poison forced down his throat....that would be a good one to pray to....or maybe just St. Jude...


Blogger Epiphany said...

My oldest vomits everytime I give her antibiotics, so a great trick I've learned is to mix the medicine with a dixie cup of ice cream (preferably a flavor that covers up the medicine flavor) and have her eat it all gone. They know it is there, but at least it makes it easier to get it down them.

11:29 PM  

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