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Friday, July 15, 2005

Ways to tell that your child is feeling better....

1. The first thing she does in the morning is to throw her hairbrush across the room
at her sister because she's "not waking up fast enough".

2. After several days of not eating at all, she is now consumed an apple ("peeled,
cored, and sliced like a daisy on a blue china plate"), 2 pieces of string
cheese, one waffle with butter, and a bowl of chips....she is still hungry, and
it is only 10:30 in the morning (I wish I could eat like that!)

3. When I say "no" to any request (which in her mind is more of a command as she
is "princess-high-and-mighty-boss-of-the-world") she will carry on and tantrum
for at least ten minutes and announce that I am a "MEAN" mommy and that she
wishes she had a different family.

4. Later in the day, this is our conversation in the car...
Mom: (while listening to "God bless the broken road" by Rascal Flatts)...I like
this's a really good song.

Storm Queen: No, it's's a MEAN song.

Mom: A mean song?

SQ: comes into my head without even knocking and then it just
STAYS there all day and doesn't leave!!

Mom: could sing it to me...I LIKE the song...

SQ: Moooommm! I don't even know the WORDS!! It just comes in and doesn't even bring the I have to HUM all day! It drives me crazy!! which mom continues driving, while thinking, "wanna know what drives
ME crazy?" Seriously, though, despite the storm queen's name, I'll
take her in her strong willed "fight you on anything" mode than have her
as sick as she was. So thank you God...NOW can you teach her the WORDS
to the song?!


Blogger Epiphany said...

I feel for her on the mean song bit...I feel the same way about certain Wiggles songs...they just don't ask permission and then they stay in my head and play all day long. :)

12:27 AM  
Blogger Magou said...

So glad to hear that the Storm Queen is feeling are not neurotic, just a loving Mom - go with your intuition, it is amazing how often it is right - it is, as you know, another way that God can speak to us...LOVE YOU MISS YOU

7:30 AM  
Blogger Mom Nancy said...

I am ao glad I found this blog! I can totally relate to what you write! I will be checking in regularly.

10:48 AM  
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