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Sunday, August 07, 2005

And just what ARE "show towels"?

Okay, here's a good poll question...probably not one that's popped up on the blogosphere anytime lately. How many of you A) KNOW what "show towels" are, and B)how many of you HAVE them?? At a recent luncheon with friends from work, here's how the conversation went:

F: I was SO mad at my sister this week; she came over and got my show towels dirty!

Me: (looking perplexed) Show towels? What the heck are "show" towels?

F: (looking equally like I was a total moron) You don't know what SHOW towels

Me: (feeling like I'm making an E.F.Hutton commercial as all eyes are now on me
and there's NO sound from anyone at the table!!) Care to enlighten me?

F: SHOW towels are the pretty little towels you keep in your bathroom that are
just for decoration.

Me: (looking once again totally perplexed) Then...what do you use to dry your

F: You REALLY don't know about this, do you??

J: At my house I keep a basket of paper towelettes for the guests to use.

Me: Yeah, I remember those...I thought it was just so you didn't have to do
the laundry so much!

F: You really DON'T know what show towels are, do you?

Me: MY house, they are the often mismatched towels that sit on the top of
the toilet...and they are USED. OFTEN. To dry your hands.

F: You better not visit me anytime soon.

Me; I'm coming tomorrow...and I'm going to post a little note in your
bathroom saying..."for decorative purposes not use"

F; You would, too, wouldn't you?

I suspect that I'll be getting show towels for Christmas. Actually, when I was putting towels and sheets away this week I found two little towels I got for my wedding back almost 15 years ago...they were pretty and pick and had little flowers embroidered on them....sort of frayed around the edges now....GASP!!!! I DO have show towels!!!! I just didn't know that I wasn't supposed to USE them!! I've since polled any friends I've met, and I realize that there are two types of homemakers in the world...those WITH show towels, and those without. My favorite response was from my daughter's best friend...I asked her, "do you have show towels at your house?" Her reply? "I live on a FARM." Love that girl! Okay, which are you?


Blogger Epiphany said...

Bleck! My mom is always buying me "show towels", but I refuse to put them up. It just seems so silly to waste a perfectly good towel, by not using it.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Mom Nancy said...

When I was sharing an apartment with my girlfriend, my fiance (now husband) came over and used her guest soaps to wash his hands after using the bathroom. She was furious! I told him later that in our bathroom, if we have guest soaps, he is free to use them up!

8:35 AM  

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