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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Remembering Dad...

Five years ago today came the call that made an ordinary day change in an instant. My dad had had a heart attack, and within a half hour I learned that he had died...then came a LONG ride in the rain to Massachusetts and a week of planning and reminiscing about an incredible life.

My dad. Only a few of my readers actually had the privilege of knowing him. He was just an ordinary quiet family man...who taught me volumes about life, love, family, priorities, and God. Here are a few lessons I attribute to his wisdom --

1. Life really comes down to your family and what you believe in.

2. Material possessions and fancy vacations are no better than life's simple
pleasures and going out for ice cream.

3. Integrity is a virtue that is worth stiving to develop and keep.

4. Laughter really IS the best medicine.

5. Share your gifts...with whoever might need them. (my Dad never went
ANYwhere without his tool box in hand!)

6. A fancy college degree is nice, but you can educate yourself with lots
of good books and a strong work ethic (my dad never went past 8th grade,
but held a great job and was respected by all)

7. Music is an important part of life (for him, especially marches by the
Boston Pops!)

8. Patriotism is never forgetting that men founded this nation UNDER GOD, and
have since died to protect those of which was to VOTE.

9. When life gets stressful, get in a boat! (my dad at some point in his life
owned a rowboat, motorboat, canoe, kayak, and sailboat). In addition, time
spent by the ocean and the water can only make you appreciate our Creator.

10. Life is short and can end at any moment...never be afraid to tell someone
that you love may be your only chance.

Fortunately, there were no words left unspoken between my dad & I. He lived life to the fullest until the moment he left us, and his memory five years later still fills my heart with such love and pride. I am so blessed to have had a dad who taught me what unconditional love was all about. Today, I just wanted to let everyone else know what a great man he was. Love you Dad....see you someday!


Blogger Magou said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminders of Dad - I think one of the fondest memories I have is coming in downstairs and hearing 'look what the cat dragged in' or 'we forgot to lock the door' - making me feel warm, welcomed, accepted, and loved as a part of your beautiful family...with the humor and grace that your Dad and Mom gave to all that visited...Thank you for the wonderful reminder of how special and how precious he was, and that we will all get together is hard to belive that it has been 5 years...Love....

7:25 AM  

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