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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ten days later...

Seems like it's been tough to find time to post the past week or so...but at the moment it's quiet and I'm not quite tired enough for bed, so I thought it was time to catch the readers up on life...hopefully I'll get more into my old regular routine and post more consistently!

Seems like the LAST sleepover of summer wasn't quite it, as the girls managed to finess one more "final-that's-it-summer's-really-over-and-we-start-back-to-schoolwork-on-Monday" party tonight, and for a change it was at the OTHER house! The storm queen went for the evening and I just picked her up and brought her home (last time she went for the "night" and I got the call at midnight)...she really enjoyed herself and there was no stress since we had set the time ahead. What WAS wonderful about the evening was to just have some quiet time with the Ape. We watched one of our favorites--"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"--and still never tire of Sean Connery playing his dad. He really makes the movie.

Lots has happened since the last sleepover. I actually started a new job and will turn in my keys at the church job this week, and feel absolutely sure that it was the right move. I've worked for the past five years in our parish's religious education department...I was hired as an admistrative coordinator to try and "fix" a database that had been untouched in three years (in a parish of 3000 families, that's a whole lot of work!). I was also the "right hand" for the K-5 coordinator, and became great friends and also a big helper to the 6-8th grade coordinator. Last summer the former gave her notice, and I thought to myself, "ahh...I can do that, too". Well, by the end of Septemer I realized just how crazy I'd been, and told our pastor I'd be leaving. In the end, I stayed on JUST for 6-8 hours a week as the database manager. FOr the most part, that worked...but I was often frustrated as a homschool mom to have to bring the girls and their work to the office, trying to do "both" when I wasn't really able to focus on either. During the year I felt more and more like I wasn't giving them what they needed. I am so excited about this new job because it's just two evenings and every other weekend...and NO STRESS!! I'm working at our local YMCA at the front desk...of course, the girls are just excited because it means they can SWIM!

I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to tie up loose ends the best I can, and also prepare for teaching. The girls are ready to get back into a real routine...we have three weeks done over the summer, but now comes the real routine. I'm also going to be teaching four music and drama classes at our homeschool coop, and have been getting those curriculums set and materials in place. Right now I feel ready to go. I think it also helps that it's the end of summer, and fall is in the air. I LOVE this time of year! That chill in the air once the sun goes down, and the cool mornings with the promise of colors a-blazing within weeks.

This week I went with a friend and her son to the Philly Zoo with the girls; it was a GORGEOUS day, and so nice to just leave behind all the prep work and just laugh and talk and be silly and enjoy the kids being as real and spontaneous as they can be. And now, it really IS the last weekend before the school year begins in earnest. It's been a good summer....hotter & more humid than I'd EVER care to repeat, but I can handle it now because it's already down under 70 degrees tonight!

I've been reading a few of you regularly....most of you at least SOME of the time, and have even found a few new blogs to add to the roll in the next couple of weeks. I'm always scared to visit a new blog lately....I can't afford to love any more!! :O) Does anyone experience that? You find a new one that you really connect with, and it's like, "oh will I EVER keep up???"

Oh well, I've given myself a new 11:00 curfew for the upcoming school year, and I see that I'm now 12 minutes past it, so I'd best say goodnight and get to bed...have to cantor at the 7:00 AM Mass in the morning, and it will come early! Gee..ten days later and I've written quite a little post...maybe my life isn't as dull as I thought it was! :O)


Blogger Magou said...

I amthankful for blogs so that I can go back and catchup when I have not read your posts for a while...CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!! Congrats on the sleep over and the alone time...also know that I did think of you ont he 15th even though I quickly lost the thoughts - as happens all too often these days!!!Love You!

8:18 AM  

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