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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy First Day of Autumn

I love the autumn....I love leaves ablaze with colors, the smells of apple pies and pumpkin bread, the sound of geese flying overhead...and yes, I'm one of those wierd people that look longingly at my trunk, knowing that SOON I'll be able to trade the summer clothes for sweatshirts and later on sweaters. For those who are warm weather people, this is the beginning of the "season of dread" as I've heard it called to day. For me, it's the beginning of my favorite--and yes, all too short--time of year. I've never been a summer person....I prefer snow and cold to the heat and humidity that summer brings. I remember the two years I lived in Houston; I arrived on June 28, and walking out of the airport it was like walking into a wall of hot humid air. I was never so glad to get home two years later to the colder climates and change of season.

Some people think of fall as the time when everything dies. I like to think of it as the time that we crawl into our cocoons to change into something better come spring. More time indoors brings more time to curl up with a good book or spend more time reflecting. This winter I hope to re-read the biography of Mother Seton, as well as either Augustine's Confessions or perhaps C.S. Lewis.
I always try to read one good spiritually rich book in the fall. It helps me to look at myself and see what parts need to "die to Christ" over the coming winter.

For now, I will enjoy the cool, crisp mornings and try to ignore the still warm afternoons....I know those days are numbered! My darling Ape husband has an additional reason to like this time of year...with the weather cooling off, it means that mowing season is almost over for another year!


Blogger jordan said...

Oh, oh Confessions is great! All the greatest quotes you've ever heard attributed to Augustine are in that book and it is pretty easy until the very end when he starts to get into time and eternity and God...then I sorta couldn't breathe anymore because it was so very much over my head. : )

4:02 PM  

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