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I'm a Catholic homeschool mom with two daughters, one husband, and four cats. In addition to being the "teacher" at home, I teach weekly at our area learning center, as well as work at our local YMCA a few times a week. Occasionally I take to the stage and have some fun on my own!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The annual birthday party is over...

Today we had the annual birthday party for the Authoress & The Storm Queen, who will turn 12 & 7 next Wednesday...every year I have planned out a theme party of their choosing, allowing them each to invite three guests (because we have eight chairs!), and several hours later we are down to just the two overnight guests -- the Ape Husband has retired to the bedroom, where at some point he will manage to tune out the noise and go to sleep. Me? I have coffee, thank you!

Who would have thought that I'd end up with two daughters, born on the same day but five years apart (actually, five years and 23 minutes....had I listened to the labor nurses I might just have made it to the minute!). I thought that this might be the year that they wanted "separate" parties with their own friends, but they informed me that they LOVE having a combined party. Today's theme was a "music" party -- starting with various music games, followed by pizza, presents, cake, and goody bags. The highlight of the party seemed to be finding a little FM radio with mini ear plugs in each goody bag....all of a sudden they all stopped talking to each other and singing on their own as they found their favorite stations.

It occured to me as I sat with my coffee at the end of the party that I have so enjoyed doing their parties each year....whether it be the farm party with a barn cake complete with plastic animals, or the bowling party followed by similar cakes...I am grateful for kids who seem to like the simple parties with a few close friends (which is a good thing, since we'd never be able to afford the "big" party with a ton of kids!).

I am also amazed at how quickly the years are flying; who would have thought that it was almost 12 years ago when I first welcomed "Thomas" into the world as the doctor said "you have a girl!". I never would have known just how much I could love someone until both daughters came along. I am amazed at the individual quirks and personality traits that are developing in each of them....and I am blessed to be a mom.

NExt week is the date of the actual birthdays, but today was "party day". My downstairs is actually pretty clean (I really did battle with the "sloth monster" this past week), and I am tired but content. To all moms out there...take a moment to give thanks tonight.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The ABC's of my life as of late...

Okay, it's midnight and my brain is on overdrive despite a tired body, so my creativity is touched with some punchiness -- or a loose grip on reality!

A -- Auditions went well for my homeschool theater group; the
Authoress was particularly happy to be cast in the role of Glinda,which is what she wanted.
B -- Birthday party preparations are well under way; with two
daughters born five years and 23 minutes apart, it's always been tradition to
celebrate on the same day. Not only do they not mind, but they said they wouldn't
want it any other way. The only thing to get in the way???.....
C -- CROUP! The Storm Queen has been hit the past few weeks with a
nagging viral condition that culminated in a trip to the emergency room the other
night with a bad case of croup. Hopefully by the weekend she will truly be on
the mend.
D -- Dieting blues...for some reason (gee, could it be the lack of
sleep??) this past month has been two steps backward on my forward drudge toward
healthier living. After working so hard to lose the first 35, I've managed to put
3-4 back on this month...and have no desire to work at it. I know this too shall
pass, but I hope to at least hold my own through the holidays.
E -- Exercise & Energy -- see "D"!
F -- Fatigue....well, after two weeks of sleeping more like a mom
with a newborn--most of which is on the living room recliner--the body fatigue is
easy to understand. NOW if I could just turn my brain off!!
G - Gas prices have come down! Yay!
H - Homeschooling is going SO well this year; the new curriculum I
switched to that truly focuses more on our faith has been such a blessing. The
Authoress and I are already discussing homeschooling for high school...I can't
imagine ever going back to public OR Catholic school at this point.
I - In-laws are two of my favorite people in the world!! I hear
stories of how some people have such horrid inlaws, and can only give thanks for
the wonderful sets that both Ape & I have been blessed with. This year we're
bringing the turkey dinner up to their house the night before and staying over to
celebrate the holiday with will be a really nice day!
J - Jelly we made with the grapes is truly yummy! It's also a nice
reminder of the few "traditional" activities that My Ape Husband and I have done
since buying the house....we're a good team, and this is just one tiny arena
where it shows.
K - Kitchen is still one of my favorite rooms...and with the cold
weather coming, it brings throughts of homemade soups, stews, and other
good "winter" food to mind.
L - Love....still what holds this house and family together!!
M - Marriage -- again, what a blessing I have! I think right now
I'm MISSING my husband a lot in that sick children tend to bring out the "mom"
more than the "wife" role, but I am ever filled with gratitude for the man that I
call my spouse.
N - November is one of my favorite months...the geese flying over
head and the colors of autumn are abound right now, and make me praise our
O - Overgrown maple tree is going to be cut back before it totally
consumes the house...and my Ape husband allowed me the privilege of calling a
tree expert in to do the job.
P - Piano job is not making me crazy yet! The ivories -- as in 88
of them -- are not getting much practice as of late. Luckily, the concert music
is not that difficult this semester. However, I am truly praying for discernment
about whether to give this job up...not so much due to stress over the music, but
in that my other job is now a couple of nights out each week, and I'm wondering
if it's not one more obstacle in fully embracing my vocation as a homemaker.
Q - Quilts REALLY need to get to the laundrymat soon!
R - Rabbit has been really bothering my allergies (hay) lately, and
I've finally addressed the possibility of it leaving permanently with the
Authoress. I can tell she's really growing up as she's thinking about it from a
point of view other than her own...I'm just praying that a good home can be
found -- and SOON!
S - SALE sign on our next door neighbor's house took me by surprise
today...although we really don't know any of our neighbors well as we're sort of
on the outside of the subdivision, these are the ones we knew best. Still, I
won't miss the yappy little dogs that bark as soon as we go out into our
T - Time to start praying for new neighbors, I guess...anyone out
there looking to move to PA??
U - Usually am finding time to start my day with prayer and
scripture again after some extra sleeping-in time was goofing up my schedule
(before my sick child did the same!) I understand just how important to my day
it is to take that time, and yet I'm too often distracted by too many "Martha"
tasks when I should be having "Mary" moments.
V - Very aware of my lack of ambition -- okay, major sloth-- in my
housekeeping as of late. I've been reading the remainder of a book I started a
while back and am realizing that it isn't so much being too busy...well, maybe
that TOO, but it's largely due to a lack of DESIRE to do the cleaning. SLoth,
pure and simple--the fact that I willingly CHOOSE to do something else, or to do
nothing at all, just speaks volumes to me. One of the quotes in the book says "I
don't want to lose my soul over a pile of dirty laundry"....and so I DID get my
bathroom clean yesterday. One of the big positives about the birthday party
being this weekend is that I'm cleaning...REALLY cleaning!! But this is one I
need to really pray and reflect on alot more -- but only when washing the dishes
or ironing or something else!
X - Making "X"-cellent progress on Christmas as of yet! Have
almost all of the buying done at this point....which is good, in that we're
almost out of money! :O)
Y - YMCA job is going SO well....I just love it, and am so glad
that I made the switch!!
Z - Zealous?? Well, I can't say that, I'm afraid...Zippy?? Noo,
that doesn't work at 12:30 AM either....hmmm.....maybe in a few minutes, if I'm
very lucky, I can use "ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz"!! Good night (or morning!)