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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The annual birthday party is over...

Today we had the annual birthday party for the Authoress & The Storm Queen, who will turn 12 & 7 next Wednesday...every year I have planned out a theme party of their choosing, allowing them each to invite three guests (because we have eight chairs!), and several hours later we are down to just the two overnight guests -- the Ape Husband has retired to the bedroom, where at some point he will manage to tune out the noise and go to sleep. Me? I have coffee, thank you!

Who would have thought that I'd end up with two daughters, born on the same day but five years apart (actually, five years and 23 minutes....had I listened to the labor nurses I might just have made it to the minute!). I thought that this might be the year that they wanted "separate" parties with their own friends, but they informed me that they LOVE having a combined party. Today's theme was a "music" party -- starting with various music games, followed by pizza, presents, cake, and goody bags. The highlight of the party seemed to be finding a little FM radio with mini ear plugs in each goody bag....all of a sudden they all stopped talking to each other and singing on their own as they found their favorite stations.

It occured to me as I sat with my coffee at the end of the party that I have so enjoyed doing their parties each year....whether it be the farm party with a barn cake complete with plastic animals, or the bowling party followed by similar cakes...I am grateful for kids who seem to like the simple parties with a few close friends (which is a good thing, since we'd never be able to afford the "big" party with a ton of kids!).

I am also amazed at how quickly the years are flying; who would have thought that it was almost 12 years ago when I first welcomed "Thomas" into the world as the doctor said "you have a girl!". I never would have known just how much I could love someone until both daughters came along. I am amazed at the individual quirks and personality traits that are developing in each of them....and I am blessed to be a mom.

NExt week is the date of the actual birthdays, but today was "party day". My downstairs is actually pretty clean (I really did battle with the "sloth monster" this past week), and I am tired but content. To all moms out there...take a moment to give thanks tonight.


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